Legal works

KOGGA work regulated by Article 26-2(5) of Groundwater Act

· Research and studies on the development and use of groundwater

· Technological development and education on the development and use of groundwater and the water quality preservation

· Issue publications on development and use of groundwater

· Work assigned by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(MLIT) Affairs

· PR for the preservation and management of groundwater and uplifting the Environmental awareness

· Projects needed to accomplish the purpose of founding KOGGA

Work of Institution Specializing in Groundwater Research according to Article 5 of the Groundwater Act

· Basic research on resource features and development amount of groundwater

· Research for development, use, preservation and management of groundwater

· Work on the Construction and operation of groundwater information system

General works

· Issue Restoration Performance Guarantee

· Issue Follow-up Performance Certifications

· Check and issue Performance Reports and Management Status Certifications of companies

· Check and issue careers of technical manpower

· Deliberation of Investigation statement of impact on groundwater

· Manufacturing and distribution of publications related to groundwater and geothermal

· Education on local government employees and member companies

· International exchange and public relations to people

Social activities

· Operation of Groundwater Future Scholarship

· Restoration support for disaster-hit groundwater facilities

· Support for neglected class

· Campaign to help unfortunate neighbors