Education on the development and use of groundwater and the water quality preservation.

  • Circuit City, the nation Education Attainment

  • - In 2006, Groundwater law education and supportive measures for supporting of The Ministry of Land, Metropolitan City.
  • - In 2012, Metropolitan City and KOGGA joint auspices, about 600 person attendance related groundwater official and companies.
  • Support of statutory education for employees in the groundwater industry

  • - Every year since 2006, instructor support in the field of underground construction law court in accordance with Article 34 Education 2.
  • Education on groundwater public employees of local governments

  • - Support for training instructors on groundwater recharge expertise of officials since 2006.
  • Education on those with confirmed careers for technological manpower

  • - Quarterly since 2006, construction of the “construction workers working more than 5 years” working experience in educational confirmation.

KOGGA Magazine

  • The KOGGA Magazine「Groundwater & Geothermal」(Quarterly)

  • - The only magazine issued by KOGGA related groundwater and geothemal.
  • - About 3000 copies distribute at National Assembly, Government ministry, The press, The members
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Distributing publications

  • Manufacturing and distribution of publications related to groundwater

  • - Groundwater legislation, guidelines, such as query returned home about 3 million copies and groundwater for the production and free distribution of various publications on the use.
  • - Statute book: only from May 2006 to date, approximately two superficial distribution
    guidelines: in 2007 about five heavenly deployment.